Safety valves

Safety valves

Safety products for tank filling and overfill prevention devices are mechanical safety devices for preventing liquid overflowing during the filling of a static storage tank.

Type N OPD

for petroleum products (Aluminium body and steel float) - for liquid petroleum fuels: Domestic heating oil, diesel fuel, lead-free petrol and lead replacement petrol.

Type NT OPD for the chemical industry (anodised aluminium body and stainless steel float)

for aviation fuel, other petroleum products, miscellaneous oils and alcohols.

OPD 100 % Stainless steel

for liquids with water present or highly corrosive liquids where only stainless steel is compatible.

OPD tester (Optional accessory)

a means for manually checking that the device operates properly once it is fitted in the tank (the float should move freely from its bottom position to its top position).

With its precision mechanical systems and unparalleled finish, the product provides a very high level of safety.

  • Supplied ready for fitting;
  • An all-metal product (no seals, maintenance or adjustment);
  • Total 100% closing (not a reduction in filling flow);
  • Gravity or pumped filling operation;
  • Individually tested on a test rig to receive an individual unique serial number.

The overfill prevention device is produced in various models (type N, NT and Stainless Steel). The materials used and the treatment to which the parts are subjected provide compatibility with a large number of pollutant liquids. The working principle of the devices is the same, especially the closure by hydraulic pressure to prevent liquid overflowing.