Extinguishing equipment

Montpetrol-Plus added in the product portfolio extinguishing equipment of EU producer FLAMARKSUPER.

All extinguishing eqiupment is ecological fire product, known as „green technology“.

Product has been tested and its impact is:

- minimal damage to equipment
- no re-ignition of fire.

- friendly to environment

- harmless to living beeings (people, animals)

Usage of product can be in Industrial, commercial and private sector.



Is very powerfull and effective non-toxic fire extingushing spray.

Does not need chemical cleaning after use. Users friendly, simple and safe to operate.

Reliable and safe to storage.



An ecilogical fire extinguishing spray designed especially for professionals (military and police) applications.

Highly increased personal protection and safety plus it is very light.



is and automatic fire extinguisher, acting unmanned by the bursting of the glass ampulle and dispersing the exthinguishing solution.

Enviroment friendly product, harmless for humans and animals.

this exthinguishing product will break glass when temperature reaches 84°C.



is water based ready made fire retardant for A fire class, especially formulated to effectively protect most absorbent materials from the spread of flames and smoke.

flam blocker does not shock or damage equipment.

Shelf life: 15 years.



is an all purpose wetting agent fotr ABFD fire classes.

Enviromentally friendly product.

No PBT. Flourene free. HMIS like water. Dilution ratio 3-12%.

Liquid does not shock or damage equipment. Suitable for any equipment under pressure