Montpetrol-Plus, s.r.o. / member of Montpetrol Group

Montpetrol-Plus, s.r.o. (Ltd.) is a relatively young company established in 2013. The company belongs into the group of companies - Montpetrol Group. It is operating mostly throughout the Czech and Slovak Republic. The main activities of Montpetrol–Plus, s.r.o. are production, installation and service of the security equipment (safety shut–down valves control system) for gas and crude oil pipeline fittings. The company not only manufactures the systems, but it also designs the layouts, updates and upgrades it, based on the specific customer requirements. In particular areas Montpetrol – Plus closely cooperates with its parent company, Montpetrol, spol. s.r.o., and thus fully uses and applies its long-time practical experiences.

Montpetrol-Plus, s.r.o. offers several products for a wide portfolio of customers. The product of Montpetrol-Plus, s.r.o. became very popular due to its high quality and reasonable price supported by flexible and highly professional service. Montpetrol-Plus, s.r.o. stands for high quality and individual customer interest. We are here for you!